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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The last pictures

My mom, uncle Jonathan, Chrissy, Tracy, and Josh showing off one of the t-shirts they gave out.

I could post more, but I probably post too many pictures for most people's taste. Some of these were too good not to put up, and others just cute. This was the last bat mitzvah (my Aunt married a jewish man and they had two kids together. She had two daughters from a previous marriage. So this year was the last bat mitzvah. I bet they're glad too because these things cost a pretty penny!). I really think it's a nice idea to celebrate one's entry into adulthood. That's a great idea. They really made the day her special day, and it's fun to get family & friends together.

dancing, playing with kids, and Laura


Justin enjoys a lemmon, Leanna walks in my heels, and Tom is just happy.

Hoola & dancing

Why can't men dance together??

I had trouble catching this picture because no man would dance with Tom for very long. Here he's dancing breifly with Josh. They moved as I was taking the picture so it's off center. I would have cropped it, but the expression on the man's face, watching Tom & Josh is just priceless. Tom also cut in on Janet dancing with Uncle Jonathan which lasted for about 3 seconds until Uncle Jonathan said, "I'm not doing this!" and walked away. LOL


Civilization in Decline: (1) In October, Britain's public health minister said she had been warned by counselors that some pregnant teenagers were purposely smoking in order to make their babies smaller so that childbirth would be less painful.

(2) Australia's Herald Sun reported in September that a Target store in Melbourne was selling padded "bralettes" from the child clothing and doll manufacturer Bratz Babyz, aimed at children aged 6 to 10. [Daily Mail (London), 10-3-06] [Herald Sun (Melbourne), 9-9-06]

Monday, October 30, 2006

kid pictures

The other kids pictured are Victoria, my cousin Tracy's daughter and her son, Christian.


Some nice pictures of Claire, posted to make up for the one of her waking up at the after-party at Aunt Susan & Uncle Robert's, after I put a lipstick mustache on her face. A piece of lipstick broke off and landed on her chest too. I love you Claire!!

The cousins

They're mainly from her Dad's side of the family, but here are all Erica's cousins that were in attendance. This is during the candle lighting ceremony. The song playing was We Are Family.

Rock N' Roll, Dudes!


Aunt Susan and Christian(my cousin Tracy's son), Chrissy and Josh(my cousins), Janet(my cousin), Aunt Cindy and Aunt Jackie, and of course, Claire, Laura, Chrissy, Timothy and Tom.


It did take Justin a while to warm up too, here he lets Josh(my cousin) hold him. Josh is one of those people all kids like.
Here Timothy lets Tracy(my cousin) hold him briefly-he was too cranky to let anyone near him for long.

Church Lady


the kids

Leanna, wearing my Mom's russian hat. It took a while for her to have fun. At first she was just hungry and Victoria was playing with the other two girls that were there.
Justin, having fun.
Timothy was extra cranky that day. I had a rough time because he barely left my arms that day. He just wouldn't fall asleep.

"Bat Girl"

Erica's the one in the white dress, it was her day. She's in these pictures with her sisters and parents.

School picture

I've had this for about a week now. I really want to push that hair out of her eyes, would it take that much time for the photographer to do that?? Tom says we shouldn't risk a retake though, because we probably wouldn't get a nice smile again. Aside from the hair being messed up and the tie undone, it is a cute picture though.


Every year Tom must check out the stash, and find something good to eat!

Halloween pictures 2

Look closely at Leanna's shoe. You can see the top of her sock sticking up. That is how she insists on wearing her socks. Every day it takes her about 15 minutes to position her socks exactly how she wants them. She doesn't like the sewn edge of the sock touching her toes so she pull the sock out and folds the extra up on top. I told her kids would laugh at her because it looks like she has an extra toe sticking up.
Note: for extra warmth Justin is also wearing about 2 layers under the costume and Leanna has pants, t-shirt, and sweater under hers. It's kind of a shame because her costume looks even prettier without the sweater. The bottom of her dress got drug on the ground and steps and through the water, so it's not so pretty anymore, but that's ok. It doesn't affect the overall look. She made a beautiful Cinderella. We saw a lot of dark spooky type costumes and there weren't many little kids out. I think that's why a lot of people saw Leanna and Justin and just said, "Awwww!" They just looked so different from everyone else who was out there. Which is nice for me, as the seamstress.

Halloween pictures


We had Trick or Treat here on Friday night. Conditions were less than ideal. Unfortunately we had to trick or treat with umbrellas. It wasn't the coldness that bothered us, it was the rain. Leanna stepped in puddles, as kids must, and then her feet were freezing. I didn't even bother to have Timothy try to do it. With Justin last year we made an attempt, not for the candy, just for the experience for him. But with the rain and all, we just dressed Timothy up and kept him in the stroller. One person said, "Oh, you have to have some for the little guy!" At this stage the halloween candy is communal anyway. I had him in about three layers so the costume was really filled out, so it made the Tiger tail stick out. It looked really cute when he walked!

*Just a reminder to click on the pictures to make them bigger*

Justin spilled cocoa krispies on his belly right before we left. I washed it off and in person you couldn't see it, but the water still shows up in the pictures. I also restuffed Winnie the Pooh's stomache to fill it out more. I put a little too much in the top though, so it looked like Pooh had just eaten a couple honey pots before we left!