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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

little people, stretchy pants.......

Some of you have heard this story, but I wanted to record it for posterity.

A few weeks ago a commercial was on for Little People Big World. It's a show that follows the daily lives of the Roloff family — parents Matt and Amy, and their four children: Zach, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob. Matt, Amy and Zach are little people, while Jeremy, Molly and Jacob are of average height. Of course I realize now that I didn't give a very good explanation, but at the time I was busy doing other things and didn't give it my full attention. Since Leanna didn't ask any more questions, I didn't give it anymore thought.
Fast forward to a couple days before Christmas. I'm doing last minute shopping at night with my Mom and Leanna came along since she didn't have school. We were in the car and she's complaining that the man in the next car keeps looking at her. I said maybe he' s wondering why you're not in bed. She said no, maybe he thinks I'm one of those little people, like on that show? It took me a couple seconds to realize what she was talking about. She continued, you know, like those people who put things in their pants? That confused me for a minute, and my Mom looked a little disturbed, until I realized-I had told her that their genes had things in them that caused them to be created like that! Their genes! Hysterical laughter ensued!

Her other favorite present

Well, ok, I think this was her actual favorite present, not Diego. I got her the first two Twilight books. I've heard good reviews from numerous people and even found a review that said it actually isn't bad at all from a parent's perspective, apparently it even ephasized love and waiting for marriage. Maree' was begging for them! She started reading after she finished opening her gifts. : )

She dates a cartoon

I have a running joke with Maree' over Diego. She has a friend named Diego, and she actually did want to date him. But I tease her because Diego is also the name of a very popular cartoon character, Dora's cousin. She asked me for a Diego doll for Christmas. I don't think this was what she expected. I knew right away that I had to find a giant stuffed Diego-and I eventually found one on ebay. It came with a stuffed Dora, same size (Timothy now owns that one), a small Dora (Justin) and a little green backpack (Timothy again). All for the same price as one new Diego would have been.

Presents with Maree'

Maree' stayed overnight Sunday night so she could come open her birthday and Christmas presents.

Not for the sensitive......

If the word penis offends you, ignore this post.
My mother-in-law uses this expression, "Go pound sand." I've always wondered about that-what is the point of pounding sand? It would just be busywork, with no point. Is that what they mean? Go pound sand so I don't have to deal with you? My mother-in-law didn't know the origins.

So I came across this poll on circumcision, asking people to be polite and non-judgemental. I was curious if this was possible, that's one of those loaded topics that people seem incapable of politely discussing. So I was skimming through the comments (and for the most part, people were just stating their choices, and why) and did find a few interesting tidbits. One person commented that after researching it, they came across two reasons people began circumcizing: 1. anti-masturbation(which is why religions started encouraging it) and 2. because of a story about sand in the dessert (in case their son might ever have to fight in the dessert). A later commenter included a link proving the sand thing was a myth, and I was reading that link and came across this last sentence in a letter from Richard L. Matteoli, DDS San Andreas, California a retired Navy dentist who spent most of his time with the Marines, off & on 1971-2005: "I think this sand-penis thing is packing the sand in another orifice." Visit the link to read what preceeds that sentence, it's the last letter on the page. Makes me wonder if that isn't where the saying originated? (just a politer way of saying it?)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas mess

And the doggie dish that Jacob knocked over, spilling food all over the kitchen floor.

Actually, considering that was the kids' only disaster all day, not too bad!

More Christmas Evening


Jacob really liked Patches

Jacob kept pointing to the dog, and although I kept telling him, "Patches" he kept calling her "baby." Maybe because she looks like a baby in relation to the other two huge dogs there?

Christmas Evening

At Nanny Sue's-look-alikes

New Christmas hats.
A picture of Tom (I don't know how old), Timothy, and Justin. I think Timothy and Tom look a lot alike.

More Christmas afternoon

Not only does my Mom call us by the wrong names, she writes them on (several) of our presents as well!

Timothy, playing with cars, as usual.
Justin playing with his new walking dinosaur-which he most definitely DID NOT want to share with Garrett.
Laura holding Jacob.

Christmas afternoon

Garrett and Claire.
Happy Timothy and Justin.
A nice picture of Laura.
Jacob sleeping at the table.

We were running late all day......I didn't get Tom out of bed til almost 11, we didn't make it to my parents' until almost 3, and we didn't make it to Nanny Sue and Pop-Pop Jarrells' until about 8

Christmas morning

Just one cute one of them in their pjs.......

Waiting for presents!!

Waiting in the hallway to come down and open presents and coming down the stairs, finally!

Feeding the reindeer and Santa

Leanna's teacher also sent home some reindeer food, which Leanna sprinkled outside when we got home from driving around to look at lights. The kids also wanted to leave carrots for the reindeer. And they each chose cookies to put on the plate.

Christmas traditions

Everyone in their new Christmas pjs, ready to go enjoy our thermoses of hot chocolate and look at Christmas lights. After decorating cookies they hopped into the tub for a quick bath and then got into their new Christmas jammies. The three boys matched and Leanna's were as close as I could get. If we could afford it, I'd get new ones for me and Tom too. That way they had new pjs for this tradition and for Christmas morning too! They were really soft and cozy too! We tried to follow one of Bill White's local lights guides, but it was tough to find some of the addresses in the dark.
(Timothy's upset in the picture because he took a sip of hot chocolate right after I poured it and burnt his tongue. And that's the back of Tom, checking out the Christmas cookies-as a favor to me he put his pjs on too. Initially he refused. Leanna was very happy that he did it too, although she was somewhat worried we might get arrested for being outside in our pjs! )

more cookie-making

Leanna still really likes of everyone decorating and the very colorful iceing we made this year.

Leanna's cookie-making attire

I thought she looked like Mrs. Claus! That's the apron I made her, with a nightgown underneath. And a winter hat she chose to wear.
Note the background scene in the first picture!!