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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sweetness, peace, and ELO

Sitting here, Lorelei's sleeping in my arms......I'm just a puddle of mush-she's smiling in her sleep.  So sweet and warm, all cuddled & curled up in my arms.  She smiles a  lot.  I'm on an ELO kick right now, they have a lot of mellow stuff that can help put a baby to sleep. (They also do the opposite, with stuff like Don't Bring me Down, Do Ya, Blue Sky, etc. that are very upbeat so that's good for when she's awake)  I figure the music can help drown out the background noise here. 

We're at a point now where she very clearly knows me and her Dad.  Not sure if she recognizes the kids yet, maybe Leanna.  The amount of love and adoration she was just born into-she's so lucky in that respect.  I can't buy her the latest toys or clothes, take her on great vacations, and yeah it makes life hard-but good lord, is she surrounded by love.  That has to count for something too.


Sue said...

Does ELO mean, Electric Light Orchestra?

sajmom said...