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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Could men handle pregnancy?

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ADP said...

Steph you can't even see the video because of that survey thing--it blocks just about the whole screen.

Sue said...

There is no way a man can handle being pregnant. It isn't all about the big belly, the weight gain, the morning sickness. Any woman that has been pregnant I'm sure really hasn't enjoyed being pregnant.

I don't remember them saying anything about the emotions going up and down. I cried a lot when I was pregnant with Tommy, my emotions were all over the place. I hated that feeling. I also hated not having comfortable clothes to wear or shoes, because I was so swollen.

I had morning sickness for 4-5 months, not just in the morning either. Every Friday I was sick all day long. What about the cravings, YUK. Billy I craved starches, like spaghetti. I would go to the Colonial Restaurant in downtown Easton several times a week. Tommy I craved Joe's Market hoagies. Chuck used to have to stop every Friday for a hoagie from Joe's Market in downtown Easton. They were made on a loaf of italian bread cut in half.

Men could never handle any of this. That is why God made us women, to bare the pain they can't bare.

I couldn't even handle natural delivery, I prayed for a C-section and I got my wish. That pain I can handle, not the pain of a regular delivery.